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Dear Bryant Funeral Home,
This thank you is well overdue. I'm sorry about that. Though I have been through funeral planning several times before, this time it was for my beloved husband. I could handle it, but needed sensitive help to carry out the plan.
I want to thank you for helping me through this experience of providing for my beloved husband's remains in April 2020. The services you provided were done so with love, awareness, and sensitivity and took nothing for granted. I give gratitude to you for anticipating my questions, preventing any worries, and the details like buckling the urns in in the back seat of my car. These qualities can only come from an awareness of truth, and authentic wisdom within the staff members. I am as content as I could be under the circumstances.
Thank you again.

September 4, 2020

My Family and I want to thank the staff at Bryant Funeral Home for the very professional and compassionate way they handled my husband Sheldon's funeral. Greg Muller, our director, made a very sad and difficult time as smooth and warm as possible. The respect and care with which he handled the entire process is greatly appreciated.
Many Thanks,
Marilyn Krupnick

Marilyn Krupnick
March 15, 2020

I just wanted to say thank you so much
to Sergio the funeral director for my
grandmother's wake. He did such a
beautiful job from beginning to end. He
made her service so personal and really
knew what to say to our family in our
time of sadness. I just want to say thank
you so much for all wonderful things that
he did and making us feel comfort in her

Sara Ganzenmuller
August 19, 2019

No words can Express how thankful
myself and my family is to Sergio. Sergio
made this very difficult time bearable.
Sergio is comforting, supportive and
when he spoke of my mom he made it so
personal. Everything was so beautiful
because of him. I thank Bryant Funeral
Home, but most of all I thank Sergio, for
sending my mom off like the queen that
she was. God bless you all and thank

Laurie Ganzenmuller
August 17, 2019

In our family’s time of bereavement,
Sergio’s compassion professionalism and
comforting words helped us all to make it
through this difficult time. We cannot
thank Sergio and Carole enough for all
they did for us.
Sincerely The Texter Family

Toni-Lynn Texter
August 16, 2019

I feel compelled to write you to let you
know that we had a loss in my family and
Sergio did all the arrangements, from the
viewing to the funeral and then the
cemetery. I have to say I've been to
many funerals but I never felt like I was
in such good hands as I was with Sergio.
He was made to put people at ease. His
kindness, and sympathy shows in
everything he did. He spoke at the
viewing after the deacon left and then
again at the cemetery. And he said all
the right things and his sincerity came
across loud and clear, I didn't want time
to pass without sharing with you that
you, as a business, are very lucky to
have Sergio. He is definitely in the right
line of work. Again, thank you Sergio. You
are a very special person and we are so
lucky you navigated our funeral so
seamlessly. Sincerely, Patricia Mazzo,
niece of Angela Ganzenmuller

Patricia Mazzo
August 15, 2019

I wanted to thank Bryant Funeral Home for making such a difficult time so much easier on my family and I. Special thanks to Sergio and Carole for all their help and compassion, they really went above and beyond in making my mother’s services and funeral beautiful. Everything was just perfect and wouldn’t choose any other Funeral Home in the future. Thank you again!

Cheryl Dwyer
July 9, 2019

Dear Fred & Staff,

Having always felt at home in your "home," my expectations were high that Tim's funeral arrangements would be handled beautifully... There is no where else we would have gone. You and your warm staff exceeded my expectations. All the plans were perfect, the piper was a beautiful finishing touch and your dear Eddie was even such a gentleman that he put his overcoat over my shoulders when it was cold... just as Tim would have. My heartfelt thanks to all of you.

Chris and family

Chris & Family
March 8, 2012

Dear Fred & Ken, Thank you for your professionalism and for your comforting words and kind thoughts during this saddest of times. I will always remember your kindness. With best regards, Jennifer

March 8, 2012

Mr. Bryant,
Thank you very much for your heartwarming handling of my mother's funeral. Thank you, also for the kind words of your memory of my dad's funeral in 1985. Bryant Funeral Home is an excellent member of the local community. Your kind words and warm handling of all matters will always be remembered. Have a wonderful day!
Warmest regards,

March 8, 2012

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